Departure daily at 8.00 AM

* Duration: 7-8 hours

* Group size: maximum 8 per group

* Tour price: $85 per person

Included: Pick up and drop off, Vintage Minsk motorbike, experienced driver, helmet, rain poncho, English speaking guide,cold water and tissue, local foods. All drivers are licensed and we provide local travel insurance, but we also recommend that you have your own, entrance fees.

Excluded: Tip and gratuities and anything not included above.

* The top highlight of the trip is the personal connection between the travellers and the locals, you will be welcomed as an honored guest by a Hanoian’ family at the formal home-visit where you build up life-time memories.

* Experiencing the real-deals of Hanoi behind the scenes. Featured with  the good, the bad and even sometimes the ugly of the city.

* Riding as a pillion passenger on a vintage MINSK, rolling through the Labyrinth of the zigzaging backstreets and hidden alleyways of Hanoi.

*Experiencing Hanoian culture in a meaningful and personal way. meeting local people where they live, where they work, where they worship and learn. The most extraordinary travel experiences sometimes occur in the most ordinary places.

*Riding on the vintage MINSK through the classical, enchanting and romantic French colonial boulevards and lakes of Hanoi.

* Visiting the famous must-see city sites: Ho Chi Minh complex, Tran Quoc Temple,Hilton Prison, Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem Lake, French colonial Quarters.

* Learning more about Hanoi’s unique food culture and tasting authentic foods and drinks in the hidden and backstreet restaurants.

* Discover many amazing local markets in Hanoi which most of the tourists never hear about, nor see.  Such as; the Flower Market, the Fruit Market, the Bonsai Market, the Feng Shui Market,  the Pet Market, the Motorbike Market, the Student Market and more.

* Tasting a unique family secret recipe of making “egg coffee”.

* Enjoy a happy hour with locals at the local fresh beer restaurant. Drink and be happy in the local style for a cheerful end of the



Stage 1: The Old Hanoi, and the Backstreet Experiences

On this special stage, most of the time you will find yourselves in the middle of nowhere, thrilling yourselves in the labyrinth of narrow, winding, zigzagging backstreets and alleyways with just enough room for a single bike. It is really an out of this world, breathtaking experience. You will have the opportunity to experience the real deal of Hanoi behind the scenes. Suddenly, you’ll turn up in the biggest second-hand mechanics and electronics market in Vietnam where you could buy anything from a pistol for a US Army Jeep of to the pedal of a Chinese bicycle.  Or a radio from the 1970s to the latest Phones. Riding as a pillion passenger on a Minsk is absolutely the best way to experience the good, the bad and even the ugly and smelly of the city. Especially, you will be welcomed as an honored guest by a Hanoian’ family at the formal home-visit where lives a Vietnam-war veteran and his lovely family, living in the tiny Russian apartment compound since the 1960s. Whilst being invited to have a cup of Vietnamese tea with the family, you will enjoy a rare opportunity for real cultural exchange
Stage 2: Classical Hanoi Romance and Hanoi highlights 

After having been thrilled by the backstreet labyrinth, the Minsk will take you on the second part of our journey – “Classical Hanoi Romance”. You will cruise around the French Colonial Quarter, zipping along the charming boulevards enjoying the breeze. You will then stop at the most visited sites in Vietnam, the national iconic symbols, the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, the Presidential Palace, the house where Ho Chi Minh lived and worked, and the famous One Pillar Pagoda. Followed by a visit to the 1000 year old Confucian Temple of Literature. After that we cruise around the romantic West Lake and Truc Bach Lake and arrive at the hidden village where you will find heaps of local family-run food stalls. It is now time to treat yourselves to the most authentic local foods. You have the opportunity to taste foods with a multitude of local dishes to choose from. It is high time to treat your hungry eyes and rumbling stomach to lunch.

Stage 3: Hanoi markets discovery

After lunch, the epic vintage Minsk rolls on to numerous markets in Hanoi.  The Food Market, the Flower  Market, the Bonsai Market, the Pet Market, the Feng Shui Market, the Cotton Market and especially, the biggest second-hand motorbike market in Vietnam. And, finally the Students Market where you will experience how Vietnam’s future citizens live, shop, work and study. You’ll have spontaneous conversation with many young, friendly and innocent students.
Stage 4: Happy Hours in Local Style

On the way back to the hustle and bustle of the Old Quarter, we will stop to visit an Egg Coffee Shop to taste a very  unique  family’s secret coffee “coffee with egg”. The recipe for making this special coffee is a family secret.  It has been passed down from generation to generation. Finally, to conclude a fabulous day in Hanoi, your Minsk driver will take you to a happy hours at a Bia Hoi restaurant where you can relax and have fun with the locals, in their local environment, before heading back to your hotel.

100% refund, if you have any reasons for NOT enjoying our trip, you will not have to pay for it.
Accident insurance included with every single tour
Guaranteed departure
All drivers are experienced and licensed
Passionate and professional guide and team
Unique & handcrafted Itineraries
Experiencing the real-deals of the place,featured with the Good, the Bad and the Weird.
Travelling with all your senses heightened watching, tasting, smelling, touching and hearing.
Peace of mind and heart, 10% of the profit of your trip is donated to educational charity fund

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