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What set Hanoi Backstreets Tours apart in the marketplace are our products and travel concept:
Other travel companies just provide you with trips at the touristic sites, show you the beautiful of the places and tell you to run away from the bad and the ugly of them. However, at Hanoi Backstreet Tours, we encourage you to experience them all, not just one-sided information, because they are the real-life experiences. Other travel companies think that the most interesting things occur in the most famous places. However, at Hanoi Backstreet Tours, we deeply understand that “ the most extra-ordinary travel experiences occur in the most ordinary places”Our products are uniquely hand-crafted to provide real-deal travel experiences, featuring with the good, the bad and especially the weird  of the city.

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Exploring with Hanoi Backstreet Tours is to travel with all your senses heightened – watching, feeling, touching, hearing, tasting and smelling this unique place that you will discover on our tours. Let’s get out of our “comfort zone” to have a trip of your life-time.

The backbone of our products is the harmony of our six core values: Passion – Love – Integrity – Creativity – Experience – Responsibility – “PLICER”.

Passion and Love: Hanoi Backstreet Tours was founded from the bottoms of our hearts, the ultimate passion and a true love for Hanoi, for travel and for the vintage MINSK motorbikes of Hai, Tommy and Tho. They all admit to being the craziest fans of vintage MINSKS, their wanderlust spirits and the love for Hanoi, their second home town. Passion and love is the fundamental element of our products and they would love to share this passion with you.

Integrity and Creativity: At Hanoi Backstreet Tours we believe that many heads are better than one, and that it is team-work that makes creativity. There is no way for other travel companies to copy our ideas as we are proactive and innovative! That’s why Hanoi Backstreet Tours’ products are unique.

Experience: Experience is everything we aim to give you on our Minsk trips! We know that the most extraordinary travel experiences occur in the most ordinary places. It is the journey beyond the familiar that takes you to the very heart of Hanoi. On our trip you will have spontaneous learning and discovery and be welcomed by a local family at their home-hosted visit in their tiny old Russian apartment compound from the 1960s. Enjoying a cup of Vietnamese green tea and learn about the Vietnamese tea ceremony while having a small talk with them and interacting with their friendly and noisy neighbors.

As a pillion passenger on the vintage MINSK motorbikes you will enjoy an enhanced itinerary featuring real-deal experiences about where local people live, work, cook, study and pray and also experiencing the good, the bad even the ugly of Hanoi. We encourage you to travel with all your senses heightened not just watching but also hearing, tasting, touching, feeling and smelling. Getting out of your comfort zone by challenging and thrilling you in the zigzagging, narrow alleyways that are fully stuffed with people, motorbikes, shops, stalls and hustling and bustling markets. You’ll experience all aspects of Hanoi daily life behind the scenes and also enjoy backstreet authentic local foods and family know-how cuisines. It is only a Minsk journey that could take you to those backstreet restaurants to have such a meal of your life. After all, you would say nothing but “wow”, what a life-time experience!

Responsibility: Responsible travel is about attitude when traveling. Our trips are designed to ensure to respect and benefit local people, their cultures, economy and the environment. Travelling with HANOI BACKSTREET TOURS is to travel with the peace of mind by giving back to the world where we travel, to support the ones in need. At Hanoi backstreet Tours, we do what we commit. We are dedicated to set-aside a portion of our profit for the October Foundation. This organization is a non-profit and non-government organization which aims to hand to hand and heart to heart support the ones in need by providing support with the education of young children in remote rural villages and orphanage centers, giving meals to poor patients in hospitals, disadvantaged and street kids in the cities and support to provide essential services. Therefore, traveling with Hanoi Backstreet Tours is to travel with the peace of mind and heart.



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Our Passionate and Qualified Dream-Team

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